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 1.     TITLE.

     The organisation shall be known as “The Bradford Telephone Area Sports and Social Club”.

 2.     OBJECTS.

     To promote and provide sports and social activities for all BT staff principally employed or living in the Bradford Telephone Area.


     Membership shall be open to all BT staff as described in Rule 2, and other BT staff; the latter being at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


     The management shall be by an Executive Committee elected annually at an Annual General Meeting on the following basis of representation: -



          Vice Chairman

          General Secretary


          Membership Secretary                  

          Lottery Secretary

          Representation from the general membership, to a maximum of ten.

No one person may hold more than two positions of office within the 


Three members shall form a quorum at an executive meeting.

     The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt where nominations are not received for the above representatives.

          The Chairman, General Secretary and Treasurer shall constitute a Standing Committee and be empowered to deal with any urgent or emergency matter.

 5.     FINANCE

     Shall be by a General fund built up by: -

     a) Voluntary donations.

     b) Support from Patrons.

     c) Membership subscriptions; -


          i) Of 44P per month, monthly paid staff.

          ii) Of £5 per annum, for members not paid directly by BT.

          Collections shall be arranged by deductions from pay for BT staff, or an annual fee payable to BTAS&SC for members not paid directly by BT.

     d) Consent forms must be signed by each member before subscriptions are made.


          i) All moneys received shall be paid at once by the Honorary Treasurer into the account at National Girobank or the Yorkshire Bank, in the names of the Honorary Treasurer, the Chairman, the Membership Secretary and the General Secretary. Drawing shall be against the joint signatures of any two of the officers named.

          ii) The Honorary Treasurer shall keep proper accounts and shall prepare a Balance Sheet annually. The Balance Sheet shall be completed annually, ready for audit and shall associate all relevant vouchers, bank statements and cheques. This to be done in time for the Annual General Meeting.

           iii) The auditor's) shall examine the books and complete the audit annually in time for submission to the AGM. Written certification shall be given in the Treasurer’s book in the following terms: -

           “I HEREBY CERTIFY that this is a true and correct record statement of all transactions conducted by me during the year ended 31 December and state the end YEAR.

                    Signed...........................................Honorary Treasurer”


     f) The General Secretary and the Treasurer can each be paid an annual honoraria, to be decided annually at the Annual General Meeting.


     The Financial year of the Club shall be the calendar year. All Section Secretaries shall submit to the joint Honorary Secretaries by 31 January of each year an audited financial statement and brief report of activities for the previous year and an estimate of funds required for the following year.


     Confined to members of the club shall be held annually. General Meetings may be convened by the Executive Committee more frequently than annually at their discretion, or upon written request to the Honorary Secretaries from at least 25 of the subscription paying membership.

  9.     AUDITS

     The accounts of the Club shall be audited annually by an external source for presentation to the Annual General Meeting.


     Sections shall be organised for specific activities where support is forthcoming, on authority of the Executive Committee. They shall elect their own Section Officers and be responsible for their own domestic arrangements.


     The Executive Committee shall have the power to grant Life Membership to this Club for services rendered on its behalf.


     Honorary Membership shall be conferred upon members of the Club who have retired from BT.


     Rules may only be made or altered by majority vote at a General Meeting and the Honorary Secretaries shall publish any proposed amendments at least seven days before the date of a General Meeting.  

14.       Winding Up

14.1 Dissolution of the Club may only be carried out at Special General Meeting. The required majority for any resolution shall be two thirds of the members present.

14.2 In the event of the Club ceasing to exist, any funds must go to a  

               Successor Organisation, or, in the absence of this, an account to 

               Be used or the purpose of providing recreation facilities for BT  

               People employed in the locality.  

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