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I have put the details of the walk below and the sandwich choice.


Could you let me know if you will be going and choice of sandwich by Thursday 16th Nov by email to:


PS Winter is nearly upon us so it may be muddy…







Walk name -                Pine needles and Dew

Distance -                    8.5 miles

Start time -                  12:00 noon
Date -                          Sunday 19th Nov 2017

Leader –                      Brian Campbell


Walk description:

This is a superb walk with a little incline to start so that you can take in the wonderful views of the Aire Valley.


Meeting place and parking:
Street parking on Scott Lane, Riddlesden



·         A650 towards Keighley.

·         At Riddlesden opp. The Coop TR up Barr Lane.

·         TL for street parking.

·         Nearest Post Code BD20 5BU


Refreshment Venue:

The Brown Cow, Bingley  BD16 2QX



·         Cheddar, caramelised red onions & rocket (V)

·         Woodall’s cured ham with red cabbage & cheddar coleslaw & rocket.

·         Southern fried chicken with smoked bacon, crisp gem lettuce, tomato salsa, cheddar & mayonnaise.

·         Local sausages, caramelized red onions, mustard mayo & rocket.

·         ‘Posh’ fish fingers, homemade tartar sauce & rocket.

·         Feta, mushrooms, red pepper & rocket (V).

·         Southern fried chicken, pepperoni, salsa & cheddar.

·         Brie, bacon & cranberry.

·         Goat’s cheese, caramelized red onions & beetroot (V)



A cost of £3 pp will be collected to contribute to your meal.


BTASSC have no Public Liability Insurance so only come at your own risk.


Contact on the day: Brian Campbell (07802 906 551)


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