Now that Christmas, New Year and my holiday are behind us it is time for a little exercise.


I have put the choice of sandwiches below.

·         Fish Butty,

·         Pulled Pork

·         Chicken & Bacon

·         Humus & roasted veg

·         Cheese & Tomato


Could you please let me know if you will be coming and what your choice is by Thursday 15th Feb.

(the day after Valentines’ Day – a brief reminder for the romantics !!)








Walk name -                Water walk

Distance -                    8.0 miles

Start time -                  12:00 noon
Date -                          Sunday 18th Feb 2018.

Leader –                      Brian Campbell


Walk description:

A nice and gentle walk with close-ups of the riverside and the Lakes, climbing slightly to get a better view

of what we have walked past. A very nice winter walk.


Meeting place and parking:
CP in the middle of Otley behind the Horse & Farrier.



·         Into Otley and head towards the river bridge.

·         TR on Cattle Market Road.

·         CP on right behind the Horse & Farrier.


Refreshment Venue:

The Horse & Farrier, Otley. LS21 1BQ



A cost of £3 pp will be collected to contribute to your meal.

It would also be a nice gesture to contribute to a tip on the day.


BTASSC have no Public Liability Insurance so only come at your own risk.


Contact on the day: Brian Campbell (07 802 906 551)


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